The site serves as a vitrual store for selling the brand clothes.

For any questions and / or clarification, please contact or telephone 0546555120

2. The name "Yael Admoni" means the owners and operators of the site.
3. In every place in these regulations, in which the masculine is used, it also refers to the feminine in the sense.
4. The products listed on the site are also marketed to a number of stores throughout the country.
5. The price specified next to each product is the price stated for that product. All prices shown on include VAT, and do not include shipping or shipping charges.

  1. No multiple specials or discounts.
    7. A user who performs an operation on the site (hereinafter: "the performer" and / or "the purchaser") declares that he is aware, acknowledges and agrees to all the details listed in all the various sections of the regulations and applies to the whole operation Through The perpetrator agrees to the terms and conditions of the site and the various sections and hereby undertakes that he and / or anyone on his behalf will not have any claim and / or demand and / or demand against and / or the operators of the site and / or anyone acting on their behalf, except for claims relating to breach of the yaeladmoni commitments. com and / or operators of the site according to these re8. The details of the operation as entered in the system will be used by the operators of the site for internal use only, the details of the operation will not be passed by it to any other party. Except for transferring the details of the transaction to the credit company in order to obtain approval for a purchase transaction. The performer is aware of and agrees that his details are in the system. By law, you do not have to give us your personal details, but without providing your personal information on the site we will not be able to return to you and complete the service.

    9. The system maintains a computerized registration for any purchase action made by, which is registered in the system, will constitute prima facie proof of everything related to the execution of a purchase transaction.

    Please read the entire website rules, as the site's rules will be the legal basis for any discussion between you and If you do not agree to some of the Terms and / or any of the Terms of Use, please do not take any further action on the Site.


Place your order:

10. Ordering a product involves a number of steps, as specified in the site. Please select the desired product, its size, color, and type of shipment. Enter the user details, including e-mail, phone number, shipping address and payment details. Only after passing through all the stages of the purchase and ending the purchase process will the user receive an order number and become an "operation". Delivering erroneous details may prevent or even prevent the delivery of the product ordered by the "Undertaker". In the event that the product returns to us after being sent to the "Operation", due to partial or incorrect details, the "Operation" will be charged for the shipment.

  1. Submission of false personal information is strictly prohibited and constitutes a criminal offense under the provisions of the Penal Code, 5737-1977 and / or any and / or anyone acting on its behalf is not responsible for the mistake of making a purchase caused by entering incorrect details or other information about By the purchaser in the system.
    12. The "Operation" Order will take effect only after a full payment has been made to We will quickly check the details of the "Operation" in order to ensure that the payment has been approved by the credit card companies. Only after we receive confirmation of payment receipt from the credit card company will the order take effect.

    13. Entering the user information on the site does not constitute a confirmation to be included in the mailing list of Only a user who approves receiving a mailing in the appropriate place will receive a marketing email from
  2. Sending e-mail does not constitute evidence of an action performed on and does not bind the company. Only the registration on the Company's computer shall constitute definitive evidence of the correctness of the action.

    15. If there is a disruption in the receipt of one of the details provided by the "perpetrator" and / or an error in their picture, description, cost and / or any other detail, may cancel the order of the "performer" and the cost of the purchase will be returned to " "In full. In such a case, the "Operation" will not bear any additional payment for an order that has been canceled.
  3. The supply of the product shall be done to the address indicated by the buyer at the time of purchase.
    17. A product that is out of stock; The site is dynamic, products sometimes run out of stock, even though they are still on the site. In case the customer has ordered a product that is not in stock, we will contact him by e-mail and / or the phone delivered by the customer at the time of placing the order, and we will be informed that the ordered product has run out of stock.

18.If the product is out of stock, we do not undertake to provide it, the operation will be able to choose between a total monetary refund for the ordered product and the payment for which it was received, but the product is out of stock or replacement of the product ordered and payment for which was received according to the monetary value of that product in another product at the same monetary value To another product in stock. In any event, in the event that a product that is out of stock or in the event of return of a product, Yael Admoni or anyone on its behalf will not be responsible for and will not bear any kind of damage (direct, indirect, consequential or special) caused to the user or third party including but not limited to damage And / or service to a third party at a higher price.
19. The charge of the "person performing the transaction" due to a purchase made on the site will be made only after we verify that the product is in stock and is available for the "

20.If the transaction is not approved by the credit card company, the offeror will receive an appropriate notice. In order to complete the purchase, the customer will be required to contact in order to arrange the payment for the transaction, Will be sent to their destination only after confirmation of the payment from the credit companies and / or it will be ensured that a full payment for the purchase was transferred to Yael Admoni via one of the other means of payment available to the purchaser. Payment As is, will be entitled to cancel its order.

  1. In the case as stated in the previous section, the supply time shall be counted only after the payment for the purchase has been fully guaranteed to Yael Admoni.
    22. It is important to note that an operation will be considered complete only after the credit details are submitted by the person performing the transaction, in which case the delivery days will be counted only from the date of approval of the transaction by the credit card company. If the operation does not take effect within 3 days of receipt of the notice of the refusal of the credit companies to grant approval for the transaction, shall be entitled to cancel the order

Our products:

23. offers its products for purchase on the Company's website, at the cost and on such conditions as it sees fit, and at its sole discretion. is entitled to add or subtract products from those offered on the site at its sole discretion and as it deems fit. In addition, is entitled to determine the cost of the products, the quantities of each product and the method of purchase according to its own discretion and in its sole discretion.

24. Some of the products offered for purchase on the site are accompanied by a manufacturer's warranty. The exclusive responsibility for the products, their quality, their quality, their durability, their ability to operate properly and their specifications apply only to the manufacturer and not to Each purchaser declares in the act of the purchase that the contents of this section have been brought to his attention and that he will have no claim and / or demand and / or claim against and / or anyone on its behalf and against the operators of the site and / or anyone on their behalf in connection with these features,

  1. With respect to offers published on the site from time to time - the product offer at the cost specified in the promotion will be valid only during the period specified in the terms of the offer (during the period of the promotion only).

    Return Policy:

    26. We provide a full refund for items when: Items are in a condition that allows them to be sold and all labels are attached. The items were not worn, washed or damaged. An original invoice is displayed as proof that the items are defective (except for defects made in the garment after purchase).

    Return Policy

    27. We make every effort to provide a true, accurate and accurate description of the product and its price. But errors occur in the description of the products and / or in their prices. In this case we will inform the operation operation about the mistake. In this case, the customer will be able to change or cancel the order. In the case described in this section, does not undertake to provide the product

.28. You purchase a product on the site and may cancel your purchase transaction and return a product to our company within 14 working days. Cancellation of a purchase transaction may be carried out according to section 29, and only in the event of a discrepancy between the product ordered by the buyer and the product received, and / or if the product is defective and / or the buyer is not satisfied with the product received from our company.
29. You can replace any item you purchased with any other items in stock.

Item swaps can be made when: Items are in a position to be sold and all garment labels are attached. The items were not worn, washed or damaged. Original receipt is provided as proof of purchase The items are defective (except for defects made in the garment after purchase)

How to return / replace an item?

The item must be returned to:

Yael Admoni

90Hahasmonaim st 

Tel Aviv


The shipping tracking number should be sent back to within 7 days of receiving the order.

Shipping Return will be paid by the customer and sent via shipping with tracking way (we recommend registered mail) to ensure safe and documented shipping.

When the shipment is received we will update you by e-mail and we will process a refund / exchange process within 5 business days (please allow 10 business days to see the money back in your account)

There is no refund for the original shipping charges

Please pay attention:

A refund will be given to the payment instrument with which the purchase was made and will include a refund for the return shipment only in the event that incorrect or defective items are sent.

  1. In the event that the purchaser wishes to return the product, he must return the product to Yael Admoni at his own expense and in its original packaging, complete, clean, and intact by registered mail. In the event that the product is supplied in a defective and / or improper condition, at the discretion of Yael Admoni, the return of the product will be done at the expense of Yael Admoni.
    31. In the event that the purchaser chooses to return the product to Yael Admoni and the return of the product is done according to the details described in sections 27-26 and approved by Yael Admoni, the buyer will be able to receive his money back or replace the product with another product at the same monetary value, Furthermore, the purchaser will not be entitled to any additional compensation for cancellation of the transaction and / or return of the product.
  2. A product returned to Yael Admoni, not due to a defect, shall be made in less than 14 working days only when it is in its original packaging and has not yet been opened, the purchaser can return it and receive the monetary value of the product or the right to replace it with another product at the same monetary value of the returned product.
    33. A product returned to Yael Admoni that does not comply with one of the conditions listed above will not obligate Yael Admoni to accept it back, the cancellation of the transaction will not be valid and will not oblige Yael Admoni to return its monetary value to the purchaser who returns the product Yael Admoni reserves the exclusive right to decide whether The Purchaser has complied with any of the above conditions to return a Product. If, at the discretion of Yael Admoni, the purchaser has not complied with the conditions set out above, Yael Admoni will not accept the product back, or will be able to sue for damages from the purchaser, and will not entitle the purchaser to its monetary value
  3. Replacement of a defective product in the same product depends on the availability of the product in stock.
    35. Refunds to the purchaser, if necessary, will be made by check or refund to the credit card through which the product order was made. All subject to the credit company's methods and schedules.
    It is important to remember that cancellation of a transaction by the purchaser will be done in accordance with the provisions of the Consumer Protection Law, 1981. According to the law, Yael Admoni is entitled to charge a cancellation fee of up to 5% of the value of the purchased product or NIS 100, Whichever is lower.


37. The charge for a product purchased by the purchaser will be made by credit card, subject to the approval of the credit company and its terms, immediately after the purchase of the product by the purchaser, and before the product is delivered to the purchaser.
38. The purchaser can contact via the Contact Us page and / or by telephone to transfer the payment details to debit the credit card, not through the website.
39. You may contact to arrange payment for the product by other means such as chick or cash.
40. All products sold on are new, in their original packaging. In addition, at Yael Admoni we make sure that the products meet the highest standards. However, the responsibility for using the products is at the user's sole responsibility. Therefore, under no circumstances shall and / or anyone acting on its behalf be liable for any direct, indirect, punitive, punitive, and / or any other damages of any kind due to the use of the Products.

  1. Payment for shipping charges will be paid together with the payment for the product. On sale in installments, may charge the shipping fee at the first payment.

    Training to purchase a website:

    42. The purchase on the Site is free and is not limited to anyone who meets the details in this paragraph.
    43. Any person over the age of 18 has been authorized to make purchases of products offered for sale on and / or any legal body incorporated and / or duly registered in Israel and authorized to make a purchase of products offered at may make a purchase on the site Subject to the terms of the above regulations.
    44. A prerequisite for approving a purchase transaction is that the user is qualified to perform binding legal actions. If you are a minor (under the age of 18) or are not entitled to perform legal actions without the consent of a guardian, the purchase will not require
    45. A prerequisite is that the user has a valid Israeli identity card.
  2. ​​The user has an e-mail box on the Internet and has an address in Israel.
    47. In order to complete the purchase, the purchaser will be required to fill out personal details, including details of his electronic cell on the website. Filling out the details is a condition for the purchase.
    48. The user has a valid Israeli credit card issued in Israel by one of the credit card companies.
    49. shall be entitled to prevent a user from participating in sales on the Site and / or to block user actions on the Site in any of the following cases:
    A user who violated one of the site's policies.

A person who committed a crime and / or an illegal act and / or violated the provisions of the law.
A user who intentionally provided information on the site and / or the phone.
The perpetrator committed an act or omission that could harm and / or anyone acting on its behalf and / or the proper operation of the site and / or any of the suppliers and / or any third party.
The perpetrator intends to resell the product or service he purchases at to a third party and / or to trade in it.

Supply of products:


  1. The delivery time of the product depends on the type of shipment the operation will choose at the time of the purchase, and according to the delivery time of Israel Post, subject to the standard conditions of service in Israel Post, however we undertake to supply the product within 14 working days (Except Fridays and Saturdays, holiday eves, holidays, holidays and religious holidays). Once a full payment has been made to, the working days count begins at the end of the working day where full payment is paid to yaeladmoni .com.
    51. Some of the products will be supplied to the purchaser or the recipient of the goods by a third party. In this case, there may be delays in the supply of the product that depend on that factor. will be exempt from liability for these delays and the purchaser will not have any claim and / or claim against and / or anyone on its behalf and / or against the operators of the site and / Delays in supply.
  2. The furnishing of erroneous details is liable to delay or even prevent the supply of the product ordered by the perpetrator of the transaction.
    53. yaeladmoni will supply the product ordered by the performer to the address in Israel, delivered at the time of purchase.
    54. will only provide a product for which payment has been paid in full, using one of the payment methods specified above.

    55. yaeladmoni shall not be liable for any delay or delay in the supply and / or non-supply caused by force majeure, war and / or events not under the control of including strikes, downtime etc. and / or due to disruptions in the supply and / To be caused by Israel Pos
  3. At the time of delivery of the product to the Israel Postal Service, has no additional liability for the perpetrator, shall not be liable to the purchaser and / or the consignee for any damage caused to the purchaser and / or the recipient of the product due to delays in supply, malfunctions or disruptions in supply, Provided that he has registered the address given at the time of the purchase. If finds that it is unable to supply the purchased product to the purchaser, within the framework of the normal means and / or is unable to ensure that the product reaches the shipping address and / or the purchaser and / or the recipient of the product, may cancel The purchase transaction at any time until the supply of the product to the purchaser.
    57. In restricted areas for security access, shall be entitled to place the products to customers in a nearby and acceptable place, which shall be coordinated with them in advance.
  4. The shipping charges listed on the site do not include exceptional transport (transport to high floors without elevator in the building, and / or transportation that requires additional personnel and / or special means) and / or delivery outside of Israel, supply of products by means other than those listed on the site In advance and at the additional cost of the costs listed on the site, after coordination with the team of, the buyer can contact via the Contact Us page and / or by phone to coordinate delivery by other means
  5. In the event that the purchaser wishes to return the product (see product return policy), he must return the product to at his own expense and in its original packaging, complete, clean and intact.
    60. When supplying the product, may require the presence of the credit card holder when handing over the product and / or presenting the identity card of the credit card holder and / or the signature of the cardholder on a voucher as a condition for the delivery of the product.

    More details:

    61. The Site may be used as it is, the user will not have any claim, demand and / or demand against and / or anyone on its behalf for the quality and nature of the service, its capabilities, limitations and / or suitability to its needs and requirements.
    62. may change the terms of the Terms of Use at its discretion, add to or subtract from the provisions of the Bylaws, without prior notice. Each purchase transaction is subject to the provisions of the website rules as published on the website and was valid at the time of purchase.

63.Notices shall be transferred to the Purchasers during and after the execution of the Purchase. A notice sent by e-mail or by fax or mail shall be deemed to have reached the purchaser within 7 days from the date of delivery.
64. If an error occurs in the description of the product, its price, the payment terms detailed beside it, its image or any other material relating to the product or receipt of the data from the purchaser, may, but does not have to cancel the purchase transaction at any time until it is delivered to the purchaser.
65. According to the terms of purchase of the products, changes in the tax rates and / or levies applicable to the products that are the subject of the transaction, which are more than 3%, may announce the cancellation of the purchase transaction.

  1. In any case where is unable to manage the site as its own, to provide the products and / or to meet its other obligations, may cancel the contract with the buyers. In whole or in part. Force majeure at the top This section also refers to the following cases: malfunctions in the computer, malfunctions in the telephone system and / or malfunctions in other communications systems, any sabotage and security incident.
    67. No user and / or anyone acting on his behalf shall have any claim and / or claim against the owners of the site, its operator, the employees of the company and / or anyone acting on their behalf, other than claims relating to a breach of the undertaking of the site owners and / or operators. Under no circumstances shall and / or be liable for any direct, indirect, punitive, incidental, and / or other damages of any kind
  2. The law applicable to your reservation and these regulations is the Israeli law only. The interpretation and enforcement of these regulations and / or any action or dispute arising therefrom shall be carried out in accordance with the laws of the State of Israel, in any dispute relating to the purchase transaction, the competent court in Tel Aviv-Jaffa shall have exclusive and exclusive jurisdiction.
    69. You may contact the service representatives with any questions relating to the purchase process, questions related to product information, product technical specifications, product operation, warranty, and any other matter to make the purchase experience easy, simple, fast and pleasant.

    Information security:
  3. has invested considerable resources in creating this site and the information security system and maintaining the privacy of the user on the site. Communication with the user operates in an encrypted manner using the SSL protocol. This protocol is a global standard, allowing the encryption of information between the server and the user browser.
    71. We undertake to make the best efforts for the satisfaction of the user, but happens and there are disturbances in the service provided on the site. We do not guarantee that the service will not be damaged and / or will be held safely and without errors, and / or will be immune to unauthorized access to computer damages, malfunctions, malfunctions, including hardware, software or communication lines to the website at or On its behalf and / or its suppliers. The users of the site declare that they will have no claim against the owners of the site a72 takes the usual precautions to keep the information confidential. Any transfer of a credit card number from the Website is encrypted, however in cases not under its control and / or arising out of it, shall not be liable for any damage whatsoever, indirect or direct, caused to the customer and / or the user and / This information will be lost and / or used if not Warsaw.

    Site rights:

    73. The intellectual property on this site, including copyrights and / or trademarks and / or designs and / or fonts, etc., including the design of the site, applications, images, files, texts, images, technology, icons, processes, computer code and any material Other content contained on the Site are wholly owned and exclusive by or third parties that has received from them a lawful use license.

nd / or the plants of the site and / or anyone on their behalf in connection therewith.


  1. The entry to the Site does not in fact grant a permit and / or license and / or any right to the contents of the Site and / or part thereof. reserves all rights and property in the contents of the site.
    75. Any information and / or display appearing on the Site, including graphics, design, verbal presentation, trademarks,  and in addition to the editing and presentation of these, are the exclusive property of and / or anyone on its behalf. You may not copy, reproduce, distribute, publish or otherwise use the content displayed on the Site, unless has given its written consent to this subject, and all this before performing the action